The Start-Up Kit Includes All the Accessories You Will Need to Make Amazing Matcha That Will Blow Your Mind!

Hello, Tea and Coffee Lovers there! We know you would never refuse a tea or coffee, whether it’s morning or late night, you are happy or sad. Tea or coffee is your ultimate happy drink. It refreshes the body and soul. And what can be better than it – when your favorite beverage is served in a proper Japanese cultural way.

Yes, the Cultural Ceramic bamboo whisk set is the best thing you can have to prepare matcha your favorite way. Not just for yourself, it can also be a great gift to your fellow tea and coffee lovers.

The whisk of this set is made from bamboo which gives a perfect frothy lather. The traditional Japanese bowl is made from ceramic and high-quality, polished bamboo. The set also includes a chasen holder. Thus, it’s a complete package including every accessory you need to prepare your ceremony matcha tea. Also, you can get this cultural ceramic bamboo whisk set in a variety of color combinations. Know more about this amazing bamboo whisk set.

Buy This Cultural Bamboo Whisk Set 


  • Brand Name: TANGPIN
  • Number of Users: 3
  • Material: Pottery and bamboo
  • Color: Gold
  • Product lists: 1 ceramic matcha bowl 1 bamboo whisk 1 holder
  • Function: Make puer tea or coffee
  • Gifts: Christmas or new year gifts
  • Keywords: Ceramic tea accessories, ceramic tea tools, ceramic matcha bowl
  • Usage: Tea and coffee maker
  • Produce area: Dehua
  • Application area: Kitchen dining bar, office
  • Shipping: Free shipping
A glass bowl on a table


  • This bamboo whisk set is made of durable and high-quality bamboo and ceramic. Thus, you can use it for years. 
  • This set is extremely beautiful and attractive and you can give this unique Cultural Ceramic bamboo whisk set to your loved ones without even having a single thought. It is a very simple and practical item which can be used by anyone to prepare their favorite matcha.
  • The unique matcha prepared by this set was once shared by the highest nobility in Japan and has now become one of the most loaded superfoods.
  • The tea prepared using this Cultural Ceramic Bamboo Whisk Set is brighter and frothier than the regular tea and has so many health benefits.
  • This cultural ceramic bamboo whisk set is a perfect setting for serious matcha lovers.
A bowl of water


  • The cultural ceramic bamboo whisk set can generally last for two years. However, it also depends upon the quality and frequency of use. You know it’s time to buy a new set when the strings start breaking or the shape is changed.
  • The bamboo whisk needs to be cleaned and may break while frequent use or washing. You can try using warm water and your hands only to wash the Cultural Ceramic Bamboo Whisk Set.


Getting a sip of delicious matcha is no more difficult when you have this Cultural Ceramic Bamboo Whisk Set. Buy this now to prepare your favorite superfood.

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