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Sustainability has become an important issue in today’s society. With more awareness being put on recycling initiatives, there are many different ways that we can help reduce our carbon footprint while also helping the environment. One of these sustainable practices is recycling scrap metal from old machines or electronics where possible instead of throwing them away which would only add up in landfill sites over time.

In the recycling industry, scrap metal dealers are a necessary part of the business. Every day they work hard to find new ways to turn old metal into something new and valuable again. They might be surprised to learn just how much money is in this game, it’s estimated that recyclers make billions of dollars each year! So what does a scrap metal dealer do? There are several jobs you can take on if you want to get involved with this lucrative business. Find out more now!

What Does a Scrap Metal Dealer Do?

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A scrap metal dealer will spend most of his day inspecting and looking through old items that people want to get rid of. This can include anything from broken appliances, old farm equipment, and leftover scraps from DIY projects. The company is then tasked with figuring out how they can recycle the metals in these old items, and turn them into something new.

The job responsibilities of a scrap metal dealer including

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-Inspecting old items to find out if they can be recycled

-Examining blueprints, drawings, and other technical materials about the metals that are being used in the products he buys

There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to this job, but there is plenty of opportunity for people who are willing to put in the extra work. Along with scrap metal dealers, other types of recyclers that you might come across include:

-Ferrous and Non-ferrous Scrap Metal Buyers (People who buy items like steel and aluminum)

-Copper, Brass, and Aluminum Buyers (People who buy items like copper piping and brass fittings)

-Iron Scrap Buyers (People who specialize in buying iron scraps from construction sites)

-Scrap Yard Operators (The people that run the business of recycling altogether)

Where Does a Scrap Metal Dealer Work?

Places that a scrap metal dealer might work include:

-The recycling yard where all of the metals get sorted and prepped for sale

-Construction sites where iron scraps are leftover from building materials

-Individual homes or businesses who have old appliances, electronics, or leftover materials from a construction or demolition project

-A general junk shop where people can come in and sell off any scrap metal they have on hand

What Does a Scrap Metal Dealer Need to Get Started?

Becoming a scrap metal dealer takes hard work and dedication. Along with the skills, there are also some prerequisites that you will need to become a dealer. While it’s possible to work your way up from being a laborer, here are some of the prerequisites you will need to get started:

-You must be at least 21 years old

-You should be able to lift about 50 pounds (depending on your product)

-Some experience with construction or demolition may be beneficial, but it’s not necessary

-A high school diploma is required for most jobs in the recycling industry

-You must have a valid drivers’ license and access to reliable transportation

After you get your foot in the door as a laborer, you can start working up to more lucrative positions like scrap yard operator. The best advice for someone who wants to become a scrap metal dealer is to start working with a company right away, and do as much work as you can to make sure you get noticed.

What Is the Salary for a Scrap Metal Dealer?

Salaries for scrap metal dealers have a large range. It depends on where the person works, and what company they work for. In general, these professionals can expect to make around $25,000 per year (which comes out to be about $12 per hour). Those who own their own business might make significantly more-in some cases they can make $100,000 or more if their business is successful.

If you need to get rid of something metal, scrap metal dealers might be your best bet. They can recycle old metals and turn them into new products for people who need them. Becoming a scrap metal dealer takes hard work and dedication but it’s worth the payoff in some cases!

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