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Quick Easy And Simple Cute Diy Crafts

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DIY stands for do it yourself, which simply means to accomplish a task on your own without getting any expert, or professional help. So, in this article, we will discuss a few DIY crafts which can be used to decorate your house, or maybe you can ask your kids to try them to boost their creativity. There will be………….


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For DIY crafts generally, the required material depends on what one is trying to achieve, but stationary like rulers, colours, adhesives, and recyclable waste is something that is mostly used. Even these items are readily available in each household.

Board by Wine Corks

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If you are someone who has a lot of wine corks, this craft is for you. All you need to do is collect these corks, stick them together in whatever shape you like, cover one side of the shape with cardboard along with the edges, attach a string to make it a hanging board. Use your creativity to make it more attractive and you are ready with a hanging board that can be used to stick notes, pictures, and whatever you feel like.

Paper Origami

Recyclable paper is available in every single household, these papers can be used in making paper origami-like the birds, animals, fruits, and even some wall hangings. There are two profits in doing so, one the waste paper will be used, second these items can be used to decorate the wall of your kid’s room, or maybe living room. You can always paint, and add other creative elements to these origamis as per your wish.

Paper & Cloth flowers

We all have some waste paper or cloth available with us, this waste can be used to make decorations for your house. There are many sorts of flowers which one could make using these waste items, not only will your waste get used but can also add beauty to your house. Plus you can always use a few of your creative skills in your pastime.

Jars Into penholders

This is again a technique to recycle your waste. All you need are some waste jars. Cover these waste jars with some thick paper, and decorate it with cartoon faces, teddy faces, or any other thing which gives it a refreshing look, and your penholder is ready. A penholder with some cute faces will surely make you smile while having a hectic day, by simply sitting at your table.


Many DIY crafts can be undertaken, all it takes is a creative mind with a will to do it. Most of the waste can thus be used to make something new, and beautiful solely by your creativity. Craft is nothing but the use of your creativity to make something out of nothing. If these crafts were able to pique your interest, then just grab any waste material near you and make it into something which you can use.

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