Ideas for DIY Home Décor on Walls

ideas for diy home decor

Are you looking to add life and energy to your home? From cooking dinners in the kitchen to lounging in the living room, the decor you choose can create a unique vibe in every room. The art you display and the photos of your favorite memories can create an upbeat, relaxing, rustic or quirky feel.

Clever Ideas for DIY Wall Home Decor

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1. Metallic Clipboards

Give your walls personality by hanging decorative clipboards. Add metallic flair with spray paint, then let it dry before placing your to-do lists, photos and favorite quotes on the wall.

2. Painted Wall Pattern

The best wall decoration ideas are ones that burst with personality. Paint an entire wall with a design you love—like flowers, trees or mountains.

3. Shoebox Wall Shelves

Build rectangular shelves out of shoeboxes. Paint them different colors for added texture and dimension. Fill your shelves with flowers, succulents and decorative vases.

4. Geometric Painting

Paint a blank canvas in a geometric design. Draw your pattern with a pencil beforehand to guide the look you want. Choose a variety of paints inclusive of complementary and contrasting colors.

5. Popsicle Stick Art

Fasten popsicle sticks together with glue, then paint your wooden board with a range of colors. This simple wall art is great for bathrooms and guest bedrooms.

6. Framed Scarf Art

Looking for creative wall decor ideas? Repurpose a scarf to make unique artwork. Line a picture frame with the piece of fabric and hang it on the wall to add character to the room.

7. Washi Tape Decals

Choose a colored washi tape to accent a wall in your room. Form simple designs like crosses, polka dots or stripes across your wall.

8. Gallery Wall

Design a gallery wall using framed photos and artwork. Choose complementary colors for a professional-looking arrangement. Don’t forget to add in uplifting word art.

9. DIY Pallet Frame

For a rustic, farmhouse look, build picture frames that resemble wood pallets. Keep them a natural wood color or paint them white for neutral pieces that can be hung in any room.

10. Burlap Sign

Fashion a decorative sign out of wood and burlap. Using acrylic paint and stencils. Try adding a quote and image that inspire you for a personal touch.

11. Adventure Art

Do you have photos, maps or posters of a favorite place you’ve visited? Frame them so that your walls will remind you of your beautiful adventures and inspire you to go on more.

12. Feather Art

Loop feathers together with yarn to create a textured art piece. Fasten the feathers in circular fashion for extra fullness. Your eye-catching decor will surely be a conversation starter.

13. Wood Sticks

Arrange wood sticks in a pattern to create a hexagon, trapezoid or other unique shape. Tie the sticks together with a thread and needle for art that will hang naturally on your wall.

14. Starburst Mirror

Form a festive design around a mirror to resemble a starburst. Paint bamboo sticks a metallic shade for a mirror that really pops.

15. Geometric Wood Art

Start with a flat wooden board as your base for this geometric art. Glue on triangular pieces of wood in a symmetrical pattern. Paint the triangles a range of colors, from white to pink to green, for colorful 3D art.

Try these ideas and give your walls a unique makeover.

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