How to Get DIY Hamster Toys -

How to Get DIY Hamster Toys

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Did you know that building DIY Hamster toys is an awesome way for your little ones to have fun? A lot of people may think they’re too young or old to enjoy these types of toys, but the truth is, even toddlers can have fun playing with these interesting toys! How do you build a hamster tunnel? It’s very easy to do. Here’s how…

An Overview

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How to make a hamster tunnel DIY hamster toys, requires only a few materials. Take about 1.5 hours to construct the tunnel. Be sure to place the cages in a quiet location where there are no other animals or children. Then gently cut the sides of two of your tissue boxes with scissors, making sure to leave a small gap for the hamster to crawl through. Then carefully glue down the sides of your second tissue box, side by side.

Next, get the children to spread out some newspaper to create a base for their hamsters to enjoy their new home. They can also be given some Styrofoam for extra comfort. Once you have all the necessities, it’s time to assemble the tunnel. Start with one side at the beginning and slowly work your way to the other end. If your hamster’s start to get a little restless, you can change the layout slightly and make hamster tunnels that stretch for several yards.

Best Market 

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If you’re trying to provide as much exercise for your small pets as possible, consider buying some of the large DIY hamster toys on the market. Like the tunnels, these playthings come in many shapes and sizes. You can find them in cardboard boxes, small plastic toy boxes, or even some of those old-fashioned playhouses. They can make hamsters happy, tired, or even anxious just by giving them a place to play.

The hamsters’ main food is fresh veggies and fruits. But you might also want to consider putting a hamster wheel in their cage. A good wheel will give them a nice place to exercise while still having their treats within reach. As your hamsters mature, they will need more toys to keep them active and interested in new activities. For a beginner, I recommend starting out with a simple dip donut tunnel for a very small pet and then progressing as you feel your little guy get more adventurous.

Best Design 

The basic design of the tunnel was originally inspired by the “Mousetrap” video performed by YouTube’s co-creators, when they demonstrated how to build a makeshift wheel with paper mache and ratty old socks. This is a great starter item for a beginner because it’s easy to implement, and its small size makes it perfect for a tiny home office. To make your own, simply follow these steps: Start with a square or rectangular piece of plywood that’s large enough to accommodate your wheel. Cut strips of paper mache along the four corners, then lay the strip of paper onto the plywood, glue it to the bottom side and top edge, and staple the edge to the bottom of the piece.

Your hamster will love being able to run and explore through this tunnel, and it’ll provide hours of fun for your child. Although this is a simple “skill level” project, it can be tailored to fit any skill level or age. Some parents prefer to build a bigger “tunnel” that’s two stories high (with stairs leading in from each level), and others want to start out with a simple “tunnel” only. There are instructions included in the “Victoria Raechel: DIY Hamster Toys” YouTube video which will show you a step-by-step process.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to introduce your child to the world of hamsters, this is a great place to start. The kids will learn how to construct a simple hamster obstacle course, while at the same time having fun doing so. So, whether your kid is just learning to care for their own pet, or wants to go faster than a speed racer, this is a great activity for any skill level!

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