Great Art Sculptors: What You Didn’t Learn In School

Great Art Sculptors: What You Didn’t Learn In School

Things You Need To Know About Several Great Sculpture Artist

If you travel around the world, you can find several sculpture parks where the three-dimensional art form is showcased with the use of different metal forms. Professional artists use different art forms to make these sculptures that boggle and entice the minds of viewers. Indeed, experts use different forms of metal arts in designing intriguing sculptures.

Things You Need To Know About Several Great Sculpture Artist
Great Art Sculptors: What You Didn’t Learn In School

Sculptures By Renowned Artists

Knotted Gun

Carl Fredrik Reutersward, a Swedish artist, created this sculpture as his tribute to John Lennon. The UN considers this art work as a peace symbol. This sculpture is made of bronze so that it can stand even under drastic weather conditions. The key point of this sculpture is the oversized .357 magnum with a knotted barrel at the end.

Atlanta Falcons

Gabor Miklos Szoke created this magnificent piece of art in stainless steel. To create this sculpture, the artist cut stainless steel laser and placed in such a way as to depict a fierce bird. The artist created a huge football made up of bronze and set the preying bird over it. The total height of this sculpture is approximately 12.5 meters with a width of about 21 meters. The overall weight of this sculpture is around 32 tons.

Floralis Generica

Eduardo Catalano created this impressive sculpture. This art piece weighs approximately 18 tons. To create this flower sculpture, the architect used a skeleton of aluminum. The petals of the flower are created out of stainless steel. Due to this, this sculpture can withstand harsh temperatures and rain.

The Head 

This great sculpture is made of bronze and placed right in the market square. The ancient look of this sculpture is its most intriguing quality. Igor placed bandages over the eyes of Eros to symbolize that the world has two different views. His art got inspiration from ancient civilizations and cultural elements.

S-Printing Horse

Jurgen Goertz created this sculpture of a horse with three legs. Jurgen used aluminum and stainless steel to construct this sculpture. This art of work stands for the three phases of the printing process. For instance, the prepress phase is symbolized by the eyes, the shape of the barrel present on the body represents a printing press, and the tail of the sculpture symbolizes printing.

Cloud Gate

Things You Need To Know About Several Great Sculpture Artist
Great Art Sculptors: What You Didn’t Learn In School

During the construction of this magnificent sculpture, Artist Anish Kapoor used about 168 plates of stainless steel. All of these plates were joined in such a way that the seams aren’t visible. The overall height of Cloud Gate is roughly 42 feet. In the middle you will be able to see a central arch that is a bit intriguing and is the center of attraction.

Angel Of The North

Anthony Gromley created this sculpture. In the process, the sculptor used weathering steel. The total length of the angel is about 66 feet tall, and the span of the wings is about 177 feet. The sculptor used three different themes for the creation of Angel of the North: honoring coal miners, the industrial age shift and, and beacon of hope.

All Hands

The sculptor used welded steel to create this piece of art. This structure celebrates and depicts the local history of people who used to work in the canal and used to pull heavy boats with the help of thick coir ropes.

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