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Easy DIY Halloween Crafts For 2021

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Decorating your house in Halloween spirit is actually a project that you can do by involving each family member on what projects they are capable of handling. This way, you could be more tired of purchasing Halloween decorations every year and just placing them up each year as well. So do something different this time around by going for DIY Halloween crafts. Not only will your kids enjoy it but also you will see the difference each and every time you see the decorations.

Start With A Ghost Or A Spider

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If you want to start with your DIY Halloween crafts, then perhaps you can start with a ghost or a spider. These two are the most popular ghost designs used on Halloween. To do this, you must first paint a rectangular piece of cardboard into the shape of a ghost. Then use black paint to paint a ghost face on the cardboard. Finally, attach some string to its body and pull it while still in its box until the ghost falls off.

Next, another one little project that you can do at home for Halloween would be creating pumpkin pumpkins. There are a lot of designs you can choose from when making these pumpkins. One that is very easy to do would be to paint a pumpkin that resembles a ghost with a hole in the middle. Cut out a circular piece of pipe and slide it through the hole. Now you have a ghostly pumpkin that you can decorate like what you have just done with the rectangular cardboard pumpkin.

Consider Making Jack

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For something a bit more challenging, consider making jack-o’-lanterns. These are also pretty easy crafts that you and your kids can do at home for Halloween. To make these creatures, all you need are orange, yellow and black construction paper, plastic pumpkins, spray paint and a spray foam cutter. For your design, cut out eyeballs, mouth, a black eye, a set of teeth, a nose, a scarf, a broom handle, and a pair of wings. You can either glue these items or paint them so they will stick to each other.

If there is a theme in your house that you want to highlight for Halloween, you may want to make some fun yet functional diy Halloween craft ideas. A perfect example of this is putting together spider webs using a hot glue gun and some tissue paper. After this is drying, you will then take your spider web and fold it in half. Glue a piece of yarn onto one end of the folded edge, then place your spider on top of the yarn. Use a spray foam gun to create webs between each web piece.

Creating Funnel Crows

Another DIY Halloween craft idea is creating funnel crows. In order to do this, you will need some glue, a funnel, and black construction paper. Once you have all of your supplies together, simply start by placing the paper into the funnel and then carefully drawing the outline of a creepy looking spider. Next, carefully glue on some sharp spider eyes onto the construction paper and then finally create a black mask to put on top of the funnel.

Bottom Lines

There are also other scary ideas that include using orange and black trash bags to make a full blown sewage nightmare. These two ingredients and an old plastic bowl make a great combination, and there is nothing too scary than mashing together old food containers and maybe even a used toilet paper pumpkin. Just use a bit of creativity with your decorating and you are sure to scare the life out of everyone who happens to pass by. So if you want to create your own unique and affordable Halloween craft this year, check out the links below. It’s time to get crafty!

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