DIY Valentines Day Crafts For Kids -

DIY Valentines Day Crafts For Kids

diy valentine crafts

Whether you’re searching for unique handmade Valentine’s crafts, classroom activity ideas, or even some simple in-home craft ideas, almost every child will appreciate these top 18 super sweet DIY Valentines crafts. These DIY Valentines crafts are easy enough for even a preschooler to enjoy. You can use supplies from around your home or head to your local crafts and arts store. If you have any questions or need help with the following projects, be sure to visit my website.

Diy Valentine’s Day Craft Idea

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This adorable DIY Valentine’s Day craft is great for both boys and girls. All it takes is a simple pair of fabric scissors and an old zipper pull to make one adorable Valentine card. If you have old greeting cards you’d like to give another touch to, simply tear out the address side of them and make one single card with the other. Use red and white balloons for a unique look, and wrap up the little love symbol in a red ribbon.

This adorable DIY Valentine’s Day craft is a great way to start off your creative juices when it comes to crafting. Using construction paper and some glitter paint, you’ll be able to create your very own Valentine’s flower. Start by folding a piece of construction paper into half-circles and then place a small star shape into the middle of each of those half-circles. Glue on a few drops of glue onto the star’s face, and you’re done!

Involve Using Mason Jars

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These DIY Valentine crafts are perfect for craft lovers who prefer a more hands-on approach. As the name suggests, these involve using mason jars to create beautiful heart-shaped vases. To make the hearts, first create cutouts from cardboard. Paint them pink and use gold glitter to accentuate them. Use a variety of craft sticks, rubber stamps, or stamps to transfer your heart to the jar.

If you have kids at home, this DIY Valentine’s Day craft is sure to be a big hit. Kids love to put together simple things such as stringing candy in cute shapes. To get started, all you need is a pack of construction paper and some yarn. Cut a series of heart shapes out of the yarn. Tie the end of the string to the side of the box, and then gently pin the bottom of the heart down with the string pointing down.

For The Man In Your Life

Craft lovers can create DIY Valentines crafty gifts for the man in your life as well. Get some old pinterest boxes out and wrap them up with ribbon. Then take one or two images from interest and address it to the men in your life. You could either include their name and a quick message, or you could address it to something more romantic such as “My sweet Valentine!” There are so many Valentines crafts that you could do to really personalize this gift!

If you’re looking for Valentines sweet treats for kids, then there are plenty of options! Kids love to make cookies and cupcakes, but if you don’t have any cookie dough in your cupboard, you could always purchase some in bulk at the store and then just mix it up! The best part about DIY Valentine’s sweet treats for kids is that they can be made in an hour or less, so there’s no excuse not to indulge in some sweet treats for your beloved this Valentine’s Day.

Bottom Line

Another great DIY Valentine’s Day craft idea for kids is to make handmade paper plates, bowls and napkins for your sweetie. There are plenty of paper plate and bowl patterns available on the internet, but for a really cute and personal Valentine’s Day craft, try making personalized paper plates with a heart shape cutout on the top. Make a bunch of these heart-shaped paper plates and put them into a box with a pretty ribbon wrapped around it. Wrap the box with the same ribbon, but add a Valentines Day card and your cute heart-shaped paper plate will be a permanent fixture on the kitchen table!

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