DIY Toys: Yes, You Can Create And Craft For Fun

Various DIY Toys That You Can Create And Craft At Home

Kids love toys and it is no secret that many parents try and make toys with their hands to add a personal touch to it. You can also create and craft toys using metal for your kids without by using the various DIY methods available online. From foil balls to small metal boats, you can easily create anything that you want with proper guidance and this can also help and spark creativity and resourcefulness among your kids.

Various DIY Toys That You Can Create And Craft At Home
DIY Toys: Yes You Can Create And Craft For Fun

DIY metal crafts are extremely easy and can be a great time user for you and your kid. Surely, you will love the quality time you will spend with your kids during the time you will be making the toys.

Materials For Toys Crafting

Most of the things that you will need to create and craft DIY toys can be easily found in most of homes. The following are a few of the important materials.

  • Glue gun
  • Aluminum foil sheets 
  • Scissors
  • Metal pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Thick metallic wires
  • High-quality thread
  • Rubber bands

DIY Toy Ideas

The following are some ideas to help you to create and craft your very own toys.

Toy Boat

Take a piece of cardboard and cut it to the shape of the base of a boat. Then, take a metal wire and cut it into 6cm pieces using the wire cutters. Next, bend each piece of wire from a mark of 2 centimeters, in the shape on an L. Stick these L shaped pieces on the cardboard while making sure that the base of L is open on the inside and the longer part is facing upwards. Stick all the pieces properly to give you the shape of the boat.

Next, cover the shape with strips of cardboard and you will have a proper boat ready. To ensure its strength, properly stick a thin layer of aluminum foil on the cardboard and make sure that there are no leakages. Then, take a long piece of wire and bend it into the shape of an oar and cover it thoroughly with either cardboard or aluminum foil.

Various DIY Toys That You Can Create And Craft At Home
DIY Toys: Yes You Can Create And Craft For Fun


You can make a catapult easily with a few materials at home. The key materials required are: a piece of metal or wood, metal wire, and thick rubber band or pieces of tire tube. To start with, try and find a wooden piece that is in a V shape at one end. If there is enough straight wood under the V shape, that can be used as a handle. Otherwise, stick metal pieces and tightly bind it with metal wires.

Next, on both ends of the V shape, tie a piece of tire tube and stick it to the wood. Also, make sure that you cover the metal handle properly with aluminum foil or bind it with metal wire to give it a great look. Make sure the piece of the tire tube is properly attached to the catapult. Then, take a sheet of aluminum foil and put a small rock or piece of metal inside it to make it heavy. Finally, crush the aluminum foil and give it a spherical shape and your projectile should be ready.

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