Diy Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy

Cat Diy Toys

Most cat owners want their cats to be healthy and happy. Some even go great lengths to keep their cats satisfied and happy. They will most of the time go to local pet stores to buy them toys, but sometimes these toys are costly, and not all owners can afford them.

And sometimes we just really need time to ourselves, so we try to keep them busy as possible. That’s why we listed some of the Diy cat toys that will keep your cats busy.

DIY T-shirt cat toy


Do you have extra shirts that you want to throw away? No need to throw them. You can keep them, and make a toy for your cat. All you need are some old shirts, scissors, a ruler, and a cutting mat.

First, cut your shirts in 3×10 rectangle, make 6 of these rectangles and stretch them enough to make them roll themselves. Lastly, tie them together into a knot. Then there you have it, a cute T-shirt toy that your cat will bite. This will surely keep them occupied while you can do other chores or simply have the time to yourself.

Wine cork cat toys

A cat lying on a bed

Cats love to play with feathers. That’s why your cat will love this wine cork toy. All you need are feathers, cork, a screwdriver, and hot glue. First, drill a hole to your wine cork using a screwdriver, and lastly, put feathers inside the hole using hot glue. In just a few minutes, you already have a cork toy for your precious cat. This is something they really enjoy as it fascinates them so much. One look at this toy and their mood instantly changes from bored to excited. If you want to keep your cat busy, this is the perfect solution.

T-shirt cat tent

Cats are quite mischievous, not only do they love to play around but also they love to hide. It is also very noticable how cats love to have some alone time. This Tshirt cat tent is perfect for your naughty cat.

They can have the space they need, and you can surely enjoy making this for them. All you need are some old shirts, 15×15 cardboard, two-wire hangers, tape, safety pins, and pliers. The first thing to do is to cut the squiggly ends of your hanger using the pliers. Then, bend the hangers into an arch.

Make sure that both hangers are identical and smooth looking. After preparing your hangers, poke a hole to your cardboard’s corners and tape your bent hangers together in an x-shape. Afterward, place the arches’ ends to the corner holes of the cardboard, twist the ends to lock, and tape the hanger tips to secure it.

And lastly, put the tent frame we made inside the shirt and fold them tightly using safety pins. There you have it, a perfect cat tent for your cat, so your cats can have a place just to themselves for them to relax.

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