Creative DIY Wall Hanging Craft Ideas -

Creative DIY Wall Hanging Craft Ideas

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

If you have an empty wall, or even a wall that has molding on it, you can hang beautiful, decorative art and other decorations. It is important to make sure that there is no moisture on the wall because your paint will only stick to it if it is dry. If the wall is wet, it will not dry properly and you will find that your paint is peeling.

 Use Led Lights Instead Of Regular Hanging Lanterns

Some people like to use LED lights instead of regular hanging lanterns for DIY wall hanging craft ideas. With these lights you do not need to worry about moisture because the LED lights do not absorb heat at all. These lights are very bright and they give out a lot of light, which is needed to get the decorations through the room. They are great to have in large walk-in closets where you might not want to have a lot of lighting, but you definitely will enjoy the glow from the LED lights.

Using plants is also a great way to have unique and unusual wall hanging decorations. This can take some skill, but it can be rewarding when you finally learn how to plant those lovely flowers. For some people, gardening is an additional passion that also earns them money. There are several books you could read on how to take care of plants. Gardening supplies and plants are available at garden stores or on the Internet and you might just find a great plant that you would love to put in your wall.

 Enjoy Hanging Crafts And Other Homemade Decorations

A room with art on the wall

You might also enjoy hanging crafts and other homemade decorations around your patio. If you have some sort of tree, railing, or other type of embellishment you would like to hang, use it as a jumping off point for DIY hanging crafts. Try turning an old board into a bookcase or turning a tree branch into a flower pot. As long as you create something that adds to your porch decorating scheme, you are sure to have some great DIY wall hanging craft ideas.

Decorate your porch with plants and planters. These are wonderful additions to any outdoor living space, whether you have an RV or have a deck or patio, you can use hanging crafts to add unique charm and flair. Potted plants are always welcome in any outdoor setting, and creating your own indoor gardens isn’t terribly difficult either. Planters are always pretty, and you may use them for all sorts of different DIY hanging crafts. Bamboo planters look beautiful, and you can also create beautiful stained glass or ceramic planter boxes with just a few tools and materials.

 Show Them How To Decorate A Small Wall Hanging

A great way to get your kids involved in hanging crafts is to show them how to decorate a small wall hanging. Use an old t-shirt, some paint, glitter, fabric and a few accessories to create some great DIY wall hanging crafts for the kids. One great idea is to hang a couple of photos of the family in the front yard on the wall hanging. Then, use a few balloons, streamers and flowers to accent the photo with a festive touch.

Final Words

If you are looking for other great DIY hanging craft ideas, there are hundreds available online. You can also check out other hang tags websites for even more unique ideas. In addition to using bottles, bowls and paintings, you can also use many different recycled objects to create a craft display. The possibilities are endless!

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