Cheap Diy Home Decorating Ideas For The Holidays -

Cheap Diy Home Decorating Ideas For The Holidays

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One of the ways you can save money and have a great time is to create your own cheap DIY home decor ideas. If you love what you make then it is much easier to get others to like what you have done as well.

Some cheap DIY home decor ideas that are simple to do are changing your light fixture. This is something most people probably do not put a lot of thought into when they purchase a fixture and it ends up being very unattractive. If you simply take a few minutes to find some discount lighting you can change your old fixture and give it a new look. If you want a more modern and stylish look then you can buy some accent wall lights as well. With a little careful shopping you can find some cheap diy accent wall lights that will look wonderful in your home.

Simply Pick Up Some Fabric

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Another one of the cheap diy home decor ideas is to simply pick up some fabric and do some paint based on the colors in the room. If you are doing a bedroom then you can choose to do some bright pinks and purples or perhaps some deep blacks and grays. When you go out shopping for the fabric to try to get samples to compare against your room so you know what will look best. If you want to save money then you can even use a sewing machine to make some simple projects that will be easy to do and cheap to buy.

Homemade projects are also a great way to save money. If you are handy with a needle and thread then you may want to try making a Homemade Dummy Cover. You can either do this with a regular old sock or you can thread a dummy eye out of a piece of clothing or paper. You will then thread this onto the top of the cover, hem it and then add a zipper to close. This is a very simple and inexpensive way to give a new edge to your home decoration.

Buy An Old Christmas Tree

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One cheap DIY idea is to buy an old Christmas tree. This is not that hard to do and will leave your home looking like a cheap holiday item. A cheaper alternative is to use a pine cone for the body of the tree. You can paint this in the color of your choice or even leave it natural, just so that it looks nice.

Another cheap home decor idea is to fill a small wicker basket with colorful flowers or candy canes. Then attach a tiny little bow to the basket with some dried flowers inside. You can then hang the basket on the door or somewhere on the wall that you would like a unique focal point. This is a great inexpensive idea that will really catch the attention of anyone who sees it.

Stencils To Hang On The Walls

There are some cheap DIY home decor ideas that may take a little more work but are still fun and interesting to create. You could try making stencils to hang on the walls. You will need something such as spray paint, chalk, crayons or markers and some rubber stamps. 

There are many fun ways to create unique wall art and if you are creative you will be able to come up with many more cheap DIY home decor ideas.


If you are looking for cheap DIY home decorating ideas, why not consider these great DIY Christmas decorations. They will not only liven up your home during the holidays but they are also a lot of fun. No matter how much money you spend on these decorations, they will never lose their charm.

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