Aesthetic Room Decor That Changes The Look Of Your Place

aesthetic room decor

Everybody would like to have their room decorated and there is no negotiation on that. When you are trying to make your room better, it is always better to consider the aesthetics instead of going for a regular theme. In fact, it would be great if you are considering the aesthetics if you are not sure about the theme you would like to follow or if you have no idea about how to start decorating your place. From unexpected color palettes and eye-catching pieces, there are many ways to add that aesthetic touch to your room décor.  

Aesthetic Room Decor – Plants 

A large bed sitting in a room

Greenery is a familiar style in an aesthetic bedroom. To give a cottage-like aesthetic, you can put a canopy over your bed in your bedroom. Adding to it, the cushions and other items like be decked out in green color to draw the eye up. Another addition is luscious ultra-lightweight curtains around the bed. A perfect dream area!

You can also showcase a charming collection of plants by installing a high shelf directly above your bed. Adding decorative vines on your walls also does the trick. You can also use wooden beams to hang small plants right on top of your bed. Wood adds the charm, giving style and function at best. 

Aesthetic Room Decor – Bohemian Décor Style

A tapestry can be added to bring out the boring plain walls. It can tie all the aesthetic décor and design together and bring color into the room. Or you can turn it into a standout decoration that grabs attention. Lastly, adding few decorative pillows nails the look! A macrame is the new and improved dreamcatcher without which the aesthetics seem incomplete. These beautiful hangings are a must-have. 

Relaxed vibes can be achieved by adding swing chairs in the room, like one near your bed. They can also be the place where you comfortably sit and read. Aesthetic bedrooms typically have a bohemian décor style. So, another item adding the aesthetic vibes, plus helping you, is a floor-length mirror. Mirrors help bring light into the room, which you will need if you have put up plants. They help enhance the natural light. 

Aesthetic Room Decor – Lights

You can also add string lights up on your art wall. They can also be added to your mirror to create an impact. Loosely hanging the lights from the ceiling, outlining the windows, or lining your headboard are other ways to use the string lights. Another way of using lights is to add led lights that change color according to your mood! Directly stick them where the wall and ceiling meet, no need for a lamp. They get the aesthetic vibe just right.


With a little bit of creativity and commitment to the style, you can recreate any of these styles or create your original aesthetic look. Aesthetic is about mixing different styles, designs, colors, and patterns. It is something that you can make your own.

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